How To Be Your Own Prepping Expert In Just 11 Weeks Or Less




Many people are just now becoming aware of the benefits to survival preparation. It’s a mainstream concept now, but you’ll still be in the minority.
Many rely on the media to help them get prepared when necessary. They assume they’ll get plenty of warning for bad weather or even terror threats. And sometimes, they do!

Having A False Sense Of Security With Your Survival?

But no one could have predicted the devastation we encountered on September 11th. People weren’t ready for the lack of cell service, the transportation being unavailable, etc. There are so many threats to our survival that we blindly think won’t happen to us. They’ll have to someone else, but not us.
Now, will YOU be doing something that the masses won’t be – sealing the fate of your family for a positive outcome?

Come Alive To Survive!

Survival preparation isn’t an issue where you can procrastinate. It has to be started today and built up over time.
Every time you look at your storage, think of something you know you might need in the event of a disaster. If it’s not onhand, then it’s something you need to plan to have in your possession
The longer you wait, the more risk you’re exposing your family to. Imagine the sorrow you’ll feel if you delay preparations and something horrible happens to your family that could have been prevented!

Confident Survival Preparation For You And Me

Think of it as preventative medicine. You go to the doctor annually to catch problems early or make sure you maintain good health. Survival preparation is the same thing. You’re preventing catastrophe and ensuring your loved ones’ good health and life by making some changes to your current world.

Right now, Mother Nature has something in store for you that might cause you to panic. Or a lone wolf terrorist might be finalizing his plans to wreak havoc with a Kalashnikov, a hijacked heavy truck or even a dirty bomb nearby.

Your Best Bet: Prepare. Protect. Survive.

Now, keep breathing and expect the best! Live your life. After all, Life is happening right now…
The secret to prepping then is to just do it. No need to feel overwhelmed. Prepping Simplicity is the name of the game. Start fresh, keep on going with ease. Keep it simple, Prepper. Discover that this thing may even be a real fun family experience – not only for the coming weeks.

Prepping Without Feeling Overwhelmed

The key to confident Survival Preparation is to first assess your survival potential, learn what gaps in knowledge and material resources you have when it comes to preparations, and fix it while there’s still time.
Btw, you don’t have to purchase all your guides, gear and supplies at once. Just add a few items each week or month, This will help you to eventually collect all you need. Enjoy the peace of mind while moving on!

Remember: It all begins in the mind. From this day forward you’ll let no one stop you to take control of your Future. Period.
Congratulations, you’re on your way. I’ll meet you there.
- Volker & RedEaglePrepper


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