Checklist – The 37 Bug Out Bag Items… According to RedEaglePrepper


When you want to be prepared for an emergency, it helps to have a bug out bag checklist.

A bug out bag (aka “Survival Kit”) is a kit designed to help you evacuate and survive for at least three days. This can be the difference between survival and certain death.

But it only works if you have the items you need.


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The following 37 items are recommended for a bug out bag to take care of your survival needs for at least three days:
● Sturdy backpack to hold items
● Sleeping bag
● Plastic sheet
● Tent or tarp for shelter
● First aid kit – including nonprescription and prescription medications (a three day supply)
● Children’s medications (if applicable)
● Feminine hygiene items (if applicable)
● Baby wipes and diapers (if applicable, though baby wipes are useful for cleaning up for all ages)
● Change of clothing – including pants, a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, socks, underwear, a jacket, work gloves
● Rain coat or poncho
● Emergency blanket
● Flashlights
● Camping lantern
● Batteries
● Candles
● Waterproof matches / Fire starter
● Flares
● Three day supply of food – such as granola bars, protein bars, trail mix, dried fruit, canned tuna, canned chicken, Vienna sausages, beef jerky, juice, candy, Meals Ready to Eat
● Three day supply of water – about four liters per person
● Personal water filter / Water purifier
● Can opener (!)
● Utensils for eating
● Shovel
● Axe
● Knife
● Rope
● Duct tape
● Toilet paper
● Hand sanitizer, Soap
● Shampoo
● Dish soap
● Solar powered radio (with back up batteries)
● Personal documents – including legal documents, insurance policies, birth certificates, car titles, copies of prescriptions, etc.
● Cash – at least enough for three nights in a hotel
● Pet items – including food, water, cat litter, leash, bedding
● Entertainment items – such as a deck of cards, knitting supplies, a book to read, paper, pen
● Other items as needed for children such as formula, pacifiers, bottles, etc.


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Now that you’ve looked at this bug out bag checklist, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. But it’s important to know that you don’t have to purchase all of this at once.

You don’t have to purchase all of this at once.
If you can add a few of these 37 items each week or month,
you’ll eventually collect all you need.

When it comes to food, make sure you create a menu plan so that you know what you’ll eat each day. And every six months you’ll want to check expiration dates and replace food that’s near the end of its shelf life.

You’ll need to have a bug out bag for each member of your family. Even children are capable of carrying their own packs with some essentials. This helps them to feel more self-reliant and confident during an emergency.
Once you’ve collected these 37 items, you’ll need to keep them in an area where you can easily access them in an emergency. A bug out bag checklist can help you to keep in mind what you have and what you still need to purchase as you prepare for survival needs.
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